Family Field Trips


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Take a break from the dining room table to explore New Jersey’s tallest and the country’s third tallest masonry lighthouse!  Our new Family Field Trip is designed to educate using the STEAM set to develop curiosity and learning around the amazing simplicity and design of historic coastal beacons.  This trip also includes a climb of the 228 steps to the top for exercise, as well as an outdoor Scavenger Hunt for fresh air.

What makes the light reach 19.5 nautical miles out to sea?  Why does glass refraction amplify light?
Are lighthouses the precursors to today’s GPS systems?  What does paint have to do with saving lives at sea?
What is holding the 12,800 pound lens up at the top?  Why does a lighthouse sway in the wind?
Is lightkeeping a physical art form?  Why are artists inspired by lighthouses?
Why is the lighthouse shaped like a cone?  How much oil was used to keep the light shining and how would a lightkeeper tell how much to use?

Find out the fascinating answers to these questions as your family explores the rich history of Absecon Lighthouse and enjoys time together in a learning environment by the sea.

Fees:               $10 per adult, $6 per child. 

Schedule:        Program runs on Mondays and Thursdays at 11am and 1pm.

Reservations:  Call 609-449-1360  for information, reservations and prepayment.